Sara Watkins - Pure Imagination

Official collage music video directed and animated for American singer-songwriter Sara Watkins track 'Pure Imagination' from the album 'Under The Pepper Tree' released via New West Records.

The album reimagines the songs Sara Watkins loved as a child — songs from Disney's Pinocchio, such as "When You Wish Upon a Star," or "Pure Imagination" from Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory.

Billy Strings - Away From The Mire

Animated music video created for American guitarist and bluegrass musician Billy Strings track 'Away From The Mire' from the album 'Home'.

Ray Charles - You're My Sunshine

Official lyric video created for Ray Charles track 'You Are My Sunshine' from the album 'Modern Sounds in Country and Western Music 1 & 2'.

The album was originally released in 1962 and has been reissued on February 22nd, 2019 via Concord Records. This lyric video was made to celebrate and promote the reissue of the album on YouTube.

The Sixties marked a monumental shift in popular culture and society throughout all of America. Starting in 1962, it was soundtracked by what would later be considered by critics to be two of the most important American music recordings of all time.

Santana - Yo Me Lo Merezco

Official visualizer created for Santana track 'Yo Me Lo Merezco' from the album 'Africa Speaks' via Concord Records.

Palmiyeler - Aslında, Galiba

Rotoscope animated music video for Palmiyeler track 'Aslında, Galiba' from the album 'Şeytan Odama Geldi'. The video is hand-painted by Mertcan Mertbilek and Yasemin Yasu over the found dance footage from the 80s.

Ravi Shankar - 'Sarve Shaam'

Official lyric/mantra video for Ravi Shankar track 'Sarve Shaam'.
This is the sixteenth and the final track on the George Harrison produced Ravi Shankar album 'Chants of India'.

Jakuzi - Hiç Mi Yok

Official music video for Turkish synth-pop band Jakuzi track 'Hiç Mi Yok' from the debut album 'Fantezi Müzik' released on City Slang Records.

Erica Mancini - Poncho Pony

Animated music video for Erica Mancini track 'Poncho Pony'. The work is commisioned by American guitarist Smokey Hormel who is known for his work with Johnny Cash, Adele, Beck, Tom Waits, Neil Diamond, Norah Jones, Joe Strummer...

The video is created by Mertcan Mertbilek & Los Angeles based illustrator Julie Wilson.

Ellie Turner - The 'I Love You Song'

Animated music video for Ellie Turner track The 'I Love You' Song from the album 'When The Trouble's All Done'. This video is a mix of hand-made and digital collage and animation techniques, created by Mertcan Mertbilek and Adam Sniezek.

Rachael & Vilray - Just Me This Year

Animated music video created for Rachael & Vilray New Year's track 'Just Me This Year'. Directed and animated by Mertcan Mertbilek & Yasemin Yasu.

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